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Blood splatter on a wall. Content is with green screen background.

Burst may refer to:

  • Burst mode (disambiguation), a mode of operation where events occur in rapid succession
    • Burst transmission, a term in telecommunications
    • Burst switching, a feature of some packet-switched networks
    • Bursting, a signaling mode of neurons
  • Burst phase, a feature of the PAL television format
  • Burst fracture, a type of spinal injury
  • Burst charge, a component of some fireworks
  • Burst noise, type of electronic noise that occurs in semiconductors
  • Burst (coin), a cryptocurrency
  • Burst finish, a two- or three-color faded effect applied to musical instruments e.g. sunburst (finish)

Burst may also refer to:

  • Burst (village), a village in Erpe-Mere
  •, a software company
  • Burst Radio, the University of Bristol student radio station
  • Burst (band), a Swedish progressive metal band
    • Burst (Burst EP)
  • Burst (UP10TION EP)
  • "Burst", a song by Anthrax from Sound of White Noise


human blood blood splatter special effects head shot blood splatter horror scene bloody smash blood burst burst red color death dirty dye liquid scary splash blood splat splat blood spot spray stain blood texture ink splat blo

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