Hd Blood Burst Motion Blur Green Screen 157

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HD blood burst with motion blur. Perfect for action scenes. The video clip is grounded at light green screen color, this means , you will need to key out green color.

Spray or spraying commonly refer to:

  • Spray (liquid drop)
    • Aerosol spray
    • Blood spray
    • Hair spray
    • Nasal spray
    • Pepper spray
    • PAVA spray
    • Road spray or tire spray, road debris kicked up from a vehicle tire
    • Sea spray, refers to aerosol particles that form in the ocean
  • Spraying, or the creation of a spray
    • Spraying (animal behavior), the action of an animal marking its territory with urine
    • The use of a spray bottle
    • The use of a sprayer
    • Aerial application of chemicals
    • Spray painting

Spray or spraying may also refer to:


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