Countdown Film Clutters Pack 2 (15 in 1)

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*FYI: this is just 480p preview, original downloadable file is 1080p (or 4K) and has 5x greater quality (bitrate).

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Countdown Film Clutters pack 2 contains:

- 15 Highest Quality HD Transitions - Countdown Film Clutters
- old projector sound fx included
- 11 sec. duration
- "drag and drop" timeline work style
- various angles, positions, oldness levels, colors
- perfect for making your own unique intro to slide show, short movie, presentation, video ad, wedding video and other

* Use alpha channel or blending modes to get transparency. Mix, change speed, cut, rotate this video content to get your own video results.

* Important note: Our every video footage will look right in your editing software which supports layer blending modes(mixing modes), for example: After Effects, Adobe Premiere, HitFilm, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro and other.


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