4K Diagonal Flat Transition 2

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4K high quality, modern, flat style colors and shapes transition. Very cool for flat, minimal and modern transition effect. To get transparency use your editing software blending modes option (e.g. screen).

Purity is the absence of impurity or contaminants in a substance.

Purity is the ratio of a named pure substance in a sample (by weight, mass, volume, or count), a number between 0 and 1 typically expressed as percent, permille, fraction, or other unit such as:

  • Fineness, several units of purity of precious metals
  • Nine (purity), an informal unit of purity
  • Purity, the colorfulness of a light source
  • Purity (quantum mechanics), a measure of correlation between a system and its environment
  • Purity (algebraic geometry), a lack of unmixed-ness

Purity is the absence of vice in human character, especially sexual nature.

  • Ritual purification, a feature of many religions
  • Purity in Buddhism, a spiritual purity of character or essence

Purity may also refer to:


wallpaper texture pattern design backdrop art liquid light clean surface water clear color shape backgrounds graphic cyan bubbles cool space digital fractal splash artistic generated fantasy wet transparent purity decoration sky drops curve fresh lines motion sun weather modern ripple colorful wave bubble cold concepts washing waves decorative drop environment star aqua bright textures rain ideas abstraction pure template flow element style decor colors drawing splashing sea ornament flat flat design transition 4k refreshing

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