Muzzle Flash Shot

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Muzzle flash shot, sparks scene. Used in gun shooting scenes and other.

A pistol is a common term to describe a handgun. The words pistol and handgun can both be used interchangeably. The English word was introduced in ca. 1570 — when early handguns were produced in Europe and is derived from the Middle French pistolet (ca. 1550), meaning a small gun/knife. In colloquial usage, the word "pistol" is often used to describe any types of handgun, inclusive of revolvers (which have a single barrel and a separate cylinder housing multiple chambers) and the pocket-sized derringers (which are often multi-barrelled).

The most common type of pistol in contemporary usage is the semi-automatic pistol, while the older single-shot and manual repeating pistols are now rarely seen and used primarily for nostalgic hunting, and the fully automatic machine pistols are uncommon in civilian usage due to strict laws and regulations governing their manufacture and sale.


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