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Sparks scene. Used in gun shooting scenes and other.

In the physical sciences, a particle (or corpuscule in older texts) is a small localized object or entity to which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties such as volume, density or mass. They vary greatly in size or quantity, from subatomic particles like the electron, to microscopic particles like atoms and molecules, to macroscopic particles like powders and other granular materials. Particles can also be used to create scientific models of even larger objects depending on their density, such as humans moving in a crowd or celestial bodies in motion.

The term 'particle' is rather general in meaning, and is refined as needed by various scientific fields. Anything that is composed of particles may be referred to as being particulate. However, the noun 'particulate' is most frequently used to refer to pollutants in the Earth's atmosphere, which are a suspension of unconnected particles, rather than a connected particle aggregation.


color-nucleus isolated digital-flames gun bacteria-microbes fireworks vision dream dust vivid-sun dots elements esoteric-element soul yellow red radiate-space design-texture ambience stars stage-fireworks particular background grain creativity particle fire high speed camera plasma psychedelic glowing colorful motion atomic-core fireflies idea speckles beam burn element star planet mind universe animation flash science-fiction sparkle muzzle energy creative-pattern

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