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Sparks scene. Used in gun shooting scenes and other.

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After being harvested, dry grains are more durable than other staple foods, such as starchy fruits (plantains, breadfruit, etc.) and tubers (sweet potatoes, cassava, and more). This durability has made grains well suited to industrial agriculture, since they can be mechanically harvested, transported by rail or ship, stored for long periods in silos, and milled for flour or pressed for oil. Thus, major global commodity markets exist for maize, rice, soybeans, wheat and other grains but not for tubers, vegetables, or other crops.


color-nucleus isolated digital-flames gun bacteria-microbes fireworks vision dream dust vivid-sun dots elements esoteric-element soul yellow red radiate-space design-texture ambience stars stage-fireworks particular background grain creativity particle fire high speed camera plasma psychedelic glowing colorful motion atomic-core fireflies idea speckles beam burn element star planet mind universe animation flash science-fiction sparkle muzzle energy creative-pattern

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