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Abstract VJ dots composition. Easily loopable.

Dots or The Dots may refer to:

  • Dots (candy), produced by Tootsie Roll Industries
  • Dots (game), a pencil-and-paper game
  • Dots (video game), a 2013 mobile game produced by Betaworks
  • Dots (film), a 1940 short animated film by Norman McLaren
  • The Dots (TV series), a 2003-2004 Iranian sitcom
  • "Dots" or "Dot Dot Dot", Singlish slang denoting speechlessness, from Japanese manga
  • Paul Kelly and the Dots (1978–1982), an Australian rock band fronted by Paul Kelly
  • The Dots, a New York City pop punk band fronted by Jimi Quidd
  • Dots Miller (1886-1923), American Major League Baseball player

DOTS may be an acronym for:

  • Directly observed treatment, short-course, a tuberculosis control strategy recommended by the World Health Organization
  • Damage over time, a term used in some popular MMORPG games
  • Descendants of the Sun, a 2016 South Korean television series
  • Difference of two squares, a mathematical term


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