Fire in the tile stove 01 (loopable)

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Fire in the tile stove, wood, crackle, ember, loopable.

Cracking may refer to:

  • Cracking, the formation of a fracture or partial fracture in a solid material
    • Performing a sternotomy
  • Fluid catalytic cracking, a catalytic process widely used in oil refineries for cracking large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller molecules
  • Cracking (chemistry), the decomposition of complex organic molecules into smaller ones
  • Cracking joints, the practice of manipulating one's bone joints to make a sharp sound
  • Cracking codes, see cryptanalysis
  • Whip cracking
  • Safe cracking
  • Crackin', band featuring Lester Abrams

In computing:

  • Another name for security hacking; the practice of defeating computer security.
  • Password cracking, the process of discovering the plaintext of an encrypted computer password.
  • Software cracking, the defeating of software copy protection.


fire flame tile stove wood crack crackle cracking ember loop loopable

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